Kegs and Kegerators

Draft beer just tastes better. In many cases this is because draft beer (particularly locally) is unpasteurized and represents the true flavors that the brewer intended. Kegs typically last 3-6 months depending on the style of beer. The CO2 system in the kegerators not only pushes the beer to the tap, but also maintains proper carbonation levels and keeps oxygen out! Most kegerators come with a 5-lb CO2 tank which is enough to push through at least 5 of the big kegs (1/2 bbls)! Custom Home Pubs also offers under-counter installs, thru-wall installs, and long-draw systems (glycol or air cooled).


Kegs come in different sizes!

1/6 bbl (often called a "Bullet" or "Torpedo") is 5.2 Gal or roughly 55 12 oz. beers

1/4 bbl (often called a "Pony") is 7.75 Gal or roughly 85 12 oz. beers

1/2 bbl (often called full sized) is either 13.2 Gal (50L) or 15.5 Gal and has 140-165 12. oz beers







-OMB Bauern Bock 

-Divine Barrel Vienna Lager

-Middle James Cinnamon Sweet potato Blonde

-Amor Artis Jayne's Oatmeal Cookie Porter

-Guinness Draught 

-Highland Cold Mountain

-Royal Bliss Grand Jester 

-Wise Man Brilliant Stuff

-Lost Province Hipster Juice

-Eurisko Citra Pale Ale

-Edmunds Oast Sour Cranberry Lime

-Southern Range Hoplapeno


Jackie O's:

-Sunless Sea 2020

-Rack & Ruin

-BA Blue Maple 2020

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